Explore fitness fads and regimes at the Pompeii gymnasium

What is the Pompeii gymnasium?

The Pompeii Gymnasium is a unique attraction to add to your Pompeii itinerary. Located in Vicolo della Regina, the Gymnasium was only reopened to the public in 2016 after major safety works. The center was used as a fitness center in ancient Rome. You can see frescos portraying athletes, wrestlers, a jumper with dumbbells, and the competition judge carrying a sash for the winner at the center.

Pompeii Gymnasium Quick Facts

Pompeii Gymnasium
  • Official name: Pompeii Gymnasium
  • Address: Pompei, Metropolitan City of Naples, Campania, Italy
  • Year of opening: 2016
  • Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM (confirm before visiting)

Why visit Pompeii gymnasium?

Visit Pompeii Gymnasium
  • Learn Pompeii’s history: The Pompeii Gymnasium offers insight into the lives of the early Romans. You can learn about their daily life and fitness routine.
  • Know what kept the Romans fit: Several frescoes and paintings at the Pompeii Gymnasium shed light on the fitness activities and regime that kept the early Romans fit.
  • Explore the impressive architecture: The Pompeii Gymnasium’s architecture is unique and unlike what you see in gymnasiums today. Admire the impressive colonnades and courtyard showcasing Roman architectural finesse and design.
  • Move closer to Pompeii’s culture: Step into the Pompeii Gymnasium to learn the vibrant activities, educational discussions, and social interactions that thrived within these ancient walls.

What's inside the Pompeii gymnasium?

Pompeii Gymnasium Wrestling ground

Wrestling ground

Wrestling was a popular activity in ancient Rome. Competitions were held in the open, with athletes competing fiercely to claim bragging rights. The Pompeii Gymnasium also had a wrestling ground used for training and competitions in sports like wrestling. You can visit the wrestling ground and check out the design and layout.

Pompeii Gymnasium Ball court

Ball court

Pompeii Gymnasium is also home to a ball court, where ball games like the modern-day handball or racquetball were played. Impressive and colorful frescoes depicting athletes are lined up throughout the court, adding art to athletics.

Pompeii Gymnasium Bath complex

Bath complex

The bath complex at Pompeii Gymnasium is adjacent to the gymnasium. It features various rooms for hot and cold baths and offers proof of the Romans' commitment to cleanliness and personal hygiene. A bath complex next to the gymnasium also proves the Romans had a strong understanding of convenience and architecture.

Pompeii Gymnasium Frescoes and inscriptions

Frescoes and inscriptions

The Pompeii Gymnasium is full of delightful and descriptive frescoes. They glimpse into the life and physical activities of the Romans, and how they kept themselves fit. You’ll find decorated frescoes featuring renowned athletes and benefactors. These pay tribute to the athletes and to those who contributed to the gymnasium's development.

Accessibility at the Pompeii gymnasium

The Pompeii Gymnasium is easily accessible for individuals in a wheelchair. While the attraction doesn’t provide wheelchairs for rent, you can navigate in your own wheelchair. There are also trained staff members to help individuals with visibility and other challenges enjoy their time at Pompeii.

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Frequently asked questions about the Pompeii gymnasium

What is the Pompeii gymnasium?

Pompeii Gymnasium is an attraction in Pompeii that glimpses into the ancient Romans’ fitness routine.

Where can I buy Pompeii gymnasium tickets?

You can buy Pompeii gymnasium tickets at the Pompeii Archaeological Park ticket office or online in advance. However, booking online in advance is recommended as you can get the best deals, choose from a variety of tickets and tour types like skip-the-line, guided tours, etc.

Can I visit the Pompeii gymnasium with Pompeii tickets?

Yes, a visit to the Pompeii gymnasium is included within the Pompeii Archaeological Park tickets.

What’s inside the Pompeii gymnasium?

Inside the gymnasium, you can find paintings and frescoes depicting ancient fitness routines, a bath complex, a wrestling ground, a ball court and more.

What are the timings of the Pompeii gymnasium?

The Pompeii gymnasium is open daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. However, the timings may vary depending on the season. Do check at the time of booking for up-to-date opening hours.

Where are the Pompeii gymnasium located?

The Pompeii gymnasium is located at Pompeii, Metropolitan City of Naples, Campania, Italy.

Is the Pompeii gymnasium wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Pompeii gymnasium is wheelchair accessible. Do bring your own wheelchair as the gymnasium does not rent out wheelchairs.

Is photography allowed at the Pompeii gymnasium?

Yes, photography is allowed at the Pompeii gymnasium. However, flash photography is not allowed.

Is there a dress code for visiting the Pompeii gymnasium?

There is no dress code as such for visiting the Pompeii gymnasium. However, wearing comfortable shoes and clothing is advised as you will be doing a lot of walking.

What is the best time to visit the Pompeii gymnasium?

The best time to visit the Pompeii gymnasium is during the shoulder seasons of spring and fall when the weather is mild and there are fewer crowds.

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