Plan Your Visit

Pompeii Opening Hours

From 1 April to 31 October
Monday to Friday
| 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Saturday & Sunday | 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM

From the 1 November to 31 March
Monday to Friday
| 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ( last entrance at 3:30 PM)
Saturday & Sunday |8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Closed on 1 January, 1 May and 25 December

Getting to Pompeii from Rome

Rome to Pompeii By Train
This is the fastest and most comfortable option to get from Rome to Pompeii. While there are several slow and high speed trains that ply from Rome to Pompeii, we would suggest opting for the High Speed Trains as they take 2 hours or less compared to the slow trains that take about 4 hours. Note, almost all trains from Rome to Pompeii involve a transfer at Naples. While there are many trains that shuttle this route, we recommend Frecciarossa and Frecciabianca trains.

Total Duration of Travel - 2 hours ( inclusive of Naples transfer)

Rome to Pompeii by Bus
Road trip lovers can embark on a journey from Rome to Pompeii by bus and have a great time enjoying the vistas of Italian countryside. Although the bus journey takes longer than trains, it is a great option B. Moreover, most coaches come with guided tours which comes handy when in Pompeii. Always book round trip tickets to get a cheaper deal than single way tickets. The major point of convenience that buses have over trains is that you can avoid the hassle of transfer in Naples. All you have to do is sit in the bus and you will reach Pompeii in comfort.

Total Duration of Travel - 3 hours

Rome to Pompeii by Car
Driving from Rome to Pompeii is a great option as you have the flexibility of stopping in tiny towns on your way, experiencing a little more of the Italian countryside and strolling by Pompeii and Naples at your own pace. However, this is an expensive option when you calculate the costs of renting a car, fuel and parking fee. If you want to sit in the comfort or a car but be chauffeured down, there are plenty of tours that arrange the same. However, be warned this works out to be the most expensive option of traveling from Rome to Naples.

Total Duration of Travel - 2 ½ hours - 3 hours

Pompeii Entrances

There are 3 entrances to Pompeii.

  • Porta Marina (Marine Gate) - This is the primary entrance to Pompeii where you'll find the ticket window along with a bookshop, information desk and hawkers who are selling audio guides.
  • Piazza Anfiteatro - This is 15 minutes walk to the east in the town of Pompeii and the entrance has an audio guide rental spot, but the information desk is missing, so if you come from here, you may miss out on your map. You also have a free luggage storage service here, where you can leave your bags, umbrellas etc. If you're taking the he public bus to Mount Vesuvius, know that it terminates here.
  • Piazza Esedra - This is the least used entrance to Pompeii. However, it is fairly close to Piazza Anfiteatro and during peak season, some people seep in through here to avoid the crowds at the main 2 entrances.

Insider Tips for Visiting Pompeii

  • Purchase tickets online and save yourself time and energy. I cannot stress this enough, but queues outside can take upto an hour and a half during peak season and it kills your motivation to walk. Tickets online are priced at the same rates as the counter, so buy the Skip the Line access tickets and waltz in.
  • All of Pompeii has just 1 restaurant and it's quite mediocre. Pack yourself a picnic in order to indulge in a good meal after all that walking.
  • Carry a medium sized bag because the security levels vary and sometimes they do not allow rucksacks in for security purpose as well as to curb damage on the ruins.
  • Carry water bottles as you’ll need lots of it. You can refill them at the water fountains as and when they get over.
  • Carry all that you need to shield yourself from the sun. There are no trees in Pompeii so you’ll need to protect yourself from the harsh sun, especially during summers.
  • Since the walkways are all undulating and stony paths, sneakers or shoes are recommended to prevent your feet from wearing out. Flip flops and heels will be a huge inconvenience.
  • The first Sunday of every month allows free entry. Be warned, this also happens to be the busiest day of the month in Pompeii!
  • Like I said before, there aren’t too many signages or information placards in the ruins, so hire a guide or buy the audio guide to make sense of what you’re seeing. You won’t enjoy your trip half as much if you’re constantly lost and attempting to comprehend the ruins.
  • Keep aside at least 6 hours for a sedate visit. Some places get crowded and you may have to wait a while to see it entirely.
  • If you wish to visit Mount Vesuvius from Pompeii, take a bus from the Pompei Scavi Circumvesuviana station to Mount Vesuvius. The Vesuvio Express is the most popular one and fills up quickly. This bus will take you to the foot of the summit from where you can hike up. The hike is for around 1.6km from the bus drop, but it is a steep hike on dusty gravel. Make sure you’re wearing shoes and carry ample bottles of water.